Love Doesn't Live Here

You must be thinking the same thing. Where has the love gone? Who are we? What have we become? Love doesn’t live here anymore, it exists somewhere in space. It exists in a newborn baby still trapped in the goodness from a space unknown. Seriously, we know how babies are made…but where do they come from? Where did we come from? Definitely a space consumed with love. Then here we are, living the human existence. Knowing that at the core of it all love is our resting place, our true happy place. Yet we do not dwell in this place and the feelings we came with at birth. We throw it around, place it on shelves, we are choosy lovers, greedy lovers, needy lovers and selfish lovers; unhappily loving.


We see terrible things happening around the world and rather than extending our hearts, our compassion, we criticize we judge and then get on with our lives. We forget that it’s integral to our survival as humans on this earth that we love each other. Love has no discernment it just is. There’s no in-between when you love, when we love. It’s not about how much do you, but what you do when it matters the most. Even small acts that show your love, I think we must move beyond acts of kindness and go a little further a little deeper when it comes to showing our hearts to those who need it. I say we call it acts of love. There’s nothing more powerful than the innate feeling of love, to give it and to receive it. We must see our need to help one another as something that comes without thought, something that does not require rationalization but as something that comes from a place deep within us, an essential need. We need love, therefore giving it is needed. When we give, it’s not about making ourselves look great or bolstering our egos it’s about filling our hearts; the resting place that’s always there waiting for you to come back to the core of where you first began.

So when we find the inner critic in us coming to the surface when we see terrible situations. Or when we are in times of conflict both on the personal level and external level. We need to stop and ask ourselves and each other, where is the love? Why doesn’t it live here within me and in the spaces and places it’s supposed to? Making changes requires more than just deep thinking, it requires deep feeling, love feeling. We should know by now that our thoughts, our mind is amazing yet at the same time very destructive. We can think up a whole lot of things and create a lot of chaos. Our ego lives in our mind, it survives with our thoughts and it edges out the good and edges out the love and compassion.


There’s no losing when it comes to giving back. There’s no losing when we operate from a place of love. It seems, for many, it’s easier to take from the fountain of love and it’s hard to freely give that love back. The word love is a very layered word; so much meaning in one word. Whether it’s love of a lover, love for a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, a stranger, a friend, a neighbor…for this life. We love and when we do we show our best selves. When we love without our egos but from deep within we come together as people with no judgment. We co-exist together harmoniously as a result of a shared feeling. On a surface level, we all give. We volunteer, we donate our money and we join causes that help other people. We do this and then go about our lives…I think all of this is good. We should continue to do this. I implore all of us, to take these great efforts and expand them by really allowing the people around you to feel what lies within your heart.

When I say, we take more and give little. I am not talking about it in a financial sense. I am not talking about the monetary aspect of giving. I am talking about the time, I am talking about the compassionate heart. In this area, I think many of us know how to receive and take the goodness of a loving heart but quite often don’t give it back. There are a select few who get this and I am sure you know of someone who understands this required flow when it comes to love. They put love into everything they do and they give it back always. Their hearts are never cold and you can really feel this when you are in their presence. As I have said many times, we need to communicate. Not just through words but through the energetic wavelength that occurs when we meet. When we look at each other. We have lost that human connection, we have replaced it with rationalization. We are distant. We are not loving well. We are not loving enough.


One of the best ways to understand the impact of having love in every aspect of our lives is seeing ourselves in relations to others. Not just how they make us feel but how we make them feel. It easy for us to see our wants more clearly than what we need which can make it difficult for us to see the impact of an abstract need and why it can’t be placed on a shelf and why choosiness isn’t an option. You either give it or you don’t. We know when we approach something with our full our hearts, when our mind is balanced and our heart is the driving force, the fire, we achieve great things. We know that when we allow that great mind of ours to actually learn from our big hearts we experience the fullness of life because we are nourishing that essential need.

It’s important to not allow your wants to overcast needs that in the end will truly fulfill you in this life. If there’s any work to be done as human beings, it’s getting back to this space where hate doesn’t exist. Get back to a space that doesn’t leave one anxious all of the time because it’s rooted in truth. Love doesn’t require planning it requires action and intention. Think slightly – feel a lot. It doesn’t matter where you live, how much money you have or don’t have. You have no excuse when it comes to being a loving person. No excuses. I know life can be hard. I know you have been through it. So it’s easy to put those walls up, get bitter and protect yourself. Lash out, be unkind. Live with an I versus you mentality or us versus them mentality. I know, you carry the weight of your world on your shoulders every day. We all walk a different journey, that tests us. As a result, it can make it hard for you to even think of going back to that space, where love lives, opening it back up and then putting yourself out there again and giving it freely. I encourage you to try again. I encourage you to keep on trying and giving love whenever possible. The wounds and the stings of disappointment that often come with having a loving heart will mend and you will find strength. Someone out there needs your love and will be happy to receive it. None of us will know this if we all remain guarded.


I know some of you might be thinking, Well, this is me. Living through the need to give love and receive it in every aspect of my life; I am already living it. This is great. Hopefully, your efforts will be strong enough to be felt and create a wave that enlivens others to do the same. Someone has to start, that someone is you. Love yourself and work on this daily. Set your daily intentions with love at the forefront and go to bed with this feeling. I am not just talking about amorous love, although it also lives perfectly within the same space of seeing love as a need and not as want or possession. I am also talking about your every day. There is love in every waking moment.

We need to see each other through the lens of love. When you take away the restrictions that your mind has created and placed in front of what’s true, the feeling that lives in your gut – love. It will be easier to share that loving part of us without fear. We are happier when acknowledging this essential need and in turn, recognize that love is where our home is.
Post Courtesy of: The Things I Wish I Knew
Author: Hanifa

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